Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's Writer's Wednesday and I'm thinking about the publishing side of the business. After all a writer's hard work, it ultimately comes down to getting your book into print.

Before you dive into your next project ask some tough questions beginning with why should a publisher take on your project? "It's a cute story" is not the answer an editor wants to hear. Know your audience. And know what other books in your genre, on your subject are already in the market place. How does your work bring something new to readers? Is it a fresh take on a popular theme? How is your voice distinctive? A great way to educate yourself is to visit your local bookstore and look at what's on the shelf. Check the copyright dates. If the book has been in print for quite a while ask yourself why it has had enduring success. For books that are new, try to figure out what qualities inspired an editor to take a chance.

Stay informed about the business of publishing particularly now when the industry is undergoing substantial change. Here is an article the helps put the business in perspective: 12 Steps to Better Book Publishing by Jonathan Karp - in Publishers Weekly April 20, 2009. Even though this article is focused on adult books, the concerns raised could easily be applied to the children's market.

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