Monday, November 26, 2018

Nonfiction Monday

Yodel the Yearling by Mary Holland relates the true story of a black bear cub from his waking in the spring with his mother and siblings through the year when he will strike out on his own and live an independent life.

Written for ages 4-9, this narrative nonfiction story is richly imagined and well supported with lovely close-up photography. The story offers readers a detailed look at how Yodel plays and learns the many important skills he will need to survive.

Young readers will enjoy discovering additional important information about black bears in a follow-up section titled: For Creative Minds. For instance, bears aren’t true hibernators. They actually spend their winters is a deep sleep called torpor.  How can bears go so long without eating? You’ll find that answer, too.  “What Do Bears Eat?” carefully illustrates many of the black bears’ favorite foods.  A final section details “Black Bear Signs” with explanations and photographs that provide a guide to the many ways to discover the presence of black bears.

A 30-page cross curricular Teaching Activity Guide is available online. The book is also available in Spanish.

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