Monday, November 12, 2018

Nonfiction Monday

The Lizard Lady written by Jennifer Keats Curtis and Dr. Nicole F. Angeli, with illustrations by Veronica V. Jones is a lovely introduction into the work of a woman scientist as she conducts her research.

The text is written in a warm narrative voice that immediately draws the reader into the story. At the same time, Curtis weaves in important facts about the history of the lizards and interesting details about of how they survive. Readers will discover the ways in which Dr. Nicole F. Angeli, the Lizard Lady, works to find and protect the endangered lizards that were once prominent on St. Croix, but now, can only be found on neighboring islands.
Lovely illustrations coupled with maps and graphics provide an additional layer of richness.

The book concludes with a section titled: For Creative Minds, which provides additional reading on St. Croix and the Surrounding  Islands, St. Croix Ground Lizards, Adaptations, Dr. Nicole F. Angeli, Herpetologist, and Invasive Species. A 30-page cross curricular Teaching Activity Guide is available online. The book is also available in Spanish.

Recommended for children 4-9. A wonderful edition for school and home libraries.

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