Monday, November 19, 2018

Nonfiction Monday

Matter: Physical Science for Kids by Andi Diehn acquaints young readers, ages 5-8, with the concept of matter.

The book opens by identifying some of the familiar ways in which the word “matter” is used in everyday life: “What’s the matter” “It doesn’t matter.” and so on. But matter is much more than those phrases would suggest.
Charming illustrations and reader-friendly text explore the science of matter by introducing the definition: “Matter is anything that takes up space and can be weighed.” Continuing on, readers will discover that matter makes up everything from our clothes, to our pets, to the air we breathe. Matter exists in various forms such as solid, liquid, and gas and can have many shapes, colors, and sizes.
Finally, the book examines some of the things that are not matter – light and heat.
Examples are pulled from everyday experiences and are both entertaining and thought provoking. A pair of Hands-0n experiments and a basic glossary reinforce the content.
A fun introduction to basic science concepts.  Recommended for STEM.

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