Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Writers Wednesday

Little Chick and the Secret of Sleep by Malachy Doyle takes young readers on an imaginative journey through a bedtime story as a wide-awake chick follows the moon’s silvery glow on a nighttime adventure. 

In her search for the secret of sleep, chick discovers three new friends who share her problem.  The story builds with each new friend as chick unravels their varied sleep problems and culminates with chick, monkey, dragon, and elephant finding the perfect night’s sleep snuggled together.
The quiet voice and gentle language create a soothing experience for youngsters. The charming colorful pictures fill the pages with simple, but appealing imagery.  

MALACHY DOYLE is a prize-winning author of over 90 books for children of all ages. His stories have been translated into 23 different languages. He lives on a tiny island off the north-west coast of Ireland. 

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