Monday, March 13, 2017

Nonfiction Monday

Animal Planet offers up new fun in Animals on the Move by Dorothea DePrisco.

In this fabulous new title from the Animal Bites series, young readers are treated to a look at the many forms of locomotion found in the animal world: in the air, on the ground, underground, and in the water. The familiar and fast Cheetah (clocked at 70 miles per hour), a delicate dragonfly’s 11,000 mile migration, the nimble antics of Adele penguins, ballooning spiders, and the aerial acrobatics of the Peregrine Falcon are just a few of the spectacular subjects on display in this entertaining and informative collection.
Like the other books in the series, the animal sections are interspersed with thematic units with specific tabs: How They Move, Why they Move, Where They Live, Vista (showing animals in their environment), Big Data (facts and figures), Animal Gallery (highlighting similarities and differences) and working (ways people interact with animals and habitats). Stunning action-filled photographs, informative notes, colorful maps and charts make for easy access to information and will delight both youngsters and adults as they explore the amazing diversity of life around the globe.

A must have for home, classroom, or school library. 

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