Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Writers Wednesday

The SHORT-SIGHTED GIRAFFE by A. H. Benjamin is a charming tale about Giraffe, who can’t see well, but is determined to deny her need for glasses.

The challenge for Giraffe is avoiding injury as she staggers and stumbles her way through her day. A knock on the head from a branch inspires her to wear a helmet, but doesn’t prevent her from colliding with a rhinoceros.  A stubbed toe requires boots, and a painful brush with a thorn bush results in her strapping on a pillow. One thing leads to another until Giraffe finishes her day adorned in a life preserver, bell, and finally she takes to carting around a ladder for those inevitable tumbles in holes. 

No matter how silly she thought glasses would make her look, her friends know this is decidedly worse so they take matters into their own hands, create a pair of glasses, and slip them on her while she sleeps.

When Giraffe finally gets a good look at her ridiculous appearance she gives up the miscellaneous wardrobe and discovers the glasses make her look rather smart!

The story is delightfully entertaining in its exaggerated, but funny disasters. Colorful, oversize illustrations highlight the action for young readers. The subtle message about being yourself is left quietly in the background rather than being paraded through the text which allows the story to shine.

A single page at the end titled: Next Steps offers discussion and activity ideas.

A. H. Benjamin is well-known for his children's books and he has 35 titles published through multiple presses. His books are sold worldwide and have been translated in 25 languages.
Some of his work has found its way into radio, television and theater.

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