Monday, September 16, 2013

Nonfiction Monday


Nonfiction Monday is hosted today at Booktalking.
My selection is  "Adventure beneath the sea: living in an underwater science station" written by Kenneth Mallory with photographs by Brian Skerry.

Readers in grades 5-8 follow the adventures of Mallory and Skerry as they train to become aquanauts living 60 feet below the surface for a week in the Aquarius, the world's only underwater science lab.  Mallory and Skerry detail the experience of working with scientists for a week as they study a coral reef near the Florida Keys.
Sidebars address questions about the day-to-day life of an aquanaut, describe important concepts such as underwater pressure, provide information about life on a coral reef, and offer details about the Aquarius and its history.
Books and websites for additional reading and a glossary complete the book.
Skerry's color photos are a beautiful addition to the text and provide readers with an immediate sense of place.

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