Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Common Core: A School Library Perspective

As a library media specialist, it is my responsibility to purchase materials to build and maintain a library collection.

My mission is to make age-appropriate materials available that meet the individual educational and recreational reading needs of the students.  That mission includes developing a collection supportive of the state curriculum for grades K-6 that also reflects the diversity of humanity both globally and within the local community.

With Common Core now on the horizon, I have another component to consider as I'm evaluating materials, both fiction and nonfiction for the collection.

My conversations with other library staff both locally and nationally indicate that we are all struggling with the issue of interpreting and incorporating Common Core Standards into our collection development strategy.

My selection criteria focuses equally on: 1. Age-appropriate and relevant materials to support the teaching of the curriculum (which will now include common core) and 2. The varied personal interests of the students. 

The following are also considered and are no less important:

              collection depth and breadth

              accuracy of information and balanced presentation of issues

              importance (educational, literary, cultural, topical, popular)

              prior selection (i.e. series continuation or authors previous works)

              attractive presentation and varied reading levels

              cost and durability


I'll be posting on this topic periodically and invite your comments and discussion.

In addition, my reviews will now indicate books that fit the Common Core Standards.

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