Monday, February 11, 2019

Nonfiction Monday

Marshes and Swamps! With 25 Science Projects for Kids, by J.K. O’Sullivan with illustrations by Tom Casteel introduces readers from 7-10 to these unique wetland habitats.

The introductory chapter, What Are Marshes and Swamps? provides a thoughtful discussion of these two environments by comparing and contrasting elements such as location, plant life, and the animals that inhabit each. The following chapters delve more deeply into those topics along with examining the importance of these ecosystems in animal migration, the nutrient cycle for organisms, filtering water, and their influence on climate change. An easily understood discussion of the threats now facing these important natural systems is paired with strategies that individuals and communities can utilize to protect these valuable habitats.
Readers are encouraged to think like scientists as they observe the results of classroom experiments, make notes, analyze results, and draw conclusions. Experiments provide opportunities to explore important concepts such as the essential ways in which marshes and swamps protect against erosion and filter pollutants to protect access to clean water.
Cartoon-style illustrations are augmented here and there with photographs to create visual interest. Text boxes set out challenges labeled INVESTIGATE or CONSIDER AND DISCUSS. WORDS TO KNOW defines important vocabulary. DID YOU KNOW? highlights special facts. Each chapter concludes with a series of hands-on STEM projects to enable students to reinforce learning, enhance understanding, and develop critical thinking skills.
Recommended as a valuable STEM resource for home, school, and library collections.

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