Friday, February 19, 2016

Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday is hosted today by Mainly Write.

My selection is "In the Land of Words: new and selected poems" by Eloise Greenfield with illustrations by Jan Spivey Gilchrist.


Greenfield's collection of 21 poems is a mix of old favorites and new verses that are ideal for reading aloud. Greenfield prefaces her book with an author's note that explains this work is an answer to a question she is often asked "where do your words come from?" In response, she has provided a sentence or two with each verse to provide readers with a glimpse of the inspiration behind each poem. The works vary in style and length from the rhythmic beat of "Nathaniel's Rap" to the gentle musing of "To Catch a Fish"  and include both rhyme and free verse.


This book is a lovely opportunity to peek into the process of this very successful poet and perhaps encourage young readers to express their own creativity as Greenfield shows that inspiration can be found anywhere. All we have to do is look and listen for the words.


Gilchrist's illustrations are equally inspired in her use of sewn fabric collage that adds depth to the page while her use of basic colors and shapes provide an uncluttered background for the words.

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jama said...

I shall have to look for this one. Thanks for featuring it! :)

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