Friday, October 31, 2014

Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday is hosted today by Teacher Dance.

For Poetry Friday -- "Your Skeleton Is Showing: rhymes of blunder from six feet under" written by Kurt Cyrus with illustrations by Crab Scrambly.


A search through a cemetery for a ghost-dog's owner leads a boy on an adventure of discovery as each passing headstone reveals a cautionary tale or a history of the deceased. Who knew nose-picking could be fatal?

The verses vary from silly to grim providing just enough of the "ick" factor to make them appealing for readers delighted by the morbid and ridiculous.  There's even a touch of mystery as the reader is challenged by a verse to answer the question "Who is laid below? / Mysterious letters mark the stone: / EIEIO."

Scrambly's art puts me in mind of Tim Burton, but with a softer and more humorous sensibility. Other reviewers have likened Scrambly's art to the work of Edward Gorey.

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LInda Baie said...

The book looks just funny, Janet, & will be fun for some middle-grade students I know. FYI-you didn't link up with the Inlinkz, so I'll try to do it for you. Be sure to check back! Happy Halloween!

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