Monday, October 20, 2014

Nonfiction Monday

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For Nonfiction Monday  --  "Katherine Stinson Otero: high flyer" by Neila Skinner Petrick; illustrated by Daggi Wallace.




From the publisher: Katherine wants to fly, but all the instructors say that she is too young and too small. When finally given a chance, she excels as a solo flyer and becomes the fourth American woman licensed to fly.

Petrick's book focuses on Otero's early years: her life as a stunt pilot  flying exhibitions across the United States, in Japan and China and teaching at the flying school that was opened by her mother. Katherine was denied the opportunity to fly in World War 1 so she drove an ambulance and flew exhibitions to raise money for the war effort. A brief summary of her later years mentions her battle with tuberculosis, her marriage and her career as an architect.


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