Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Writers Wednesday

I'm sharing a post that I enjoyed. See what you think.

"What's So Great About Perfect?" by Steven Pressfield for Writing Wednesday at Steven Pressfield Online.

Before someone comments that we should all aspire to produce our best work, let me say this. One of the most common problems I hear from writers is the difficulty of getting down those early drafts of a manuscript. And the difficulty seems to stem most often from the compulsion to analyze and correct every sentence as soon as it is on the page.

With practice, those hideous mistakes that appeared in those novice first drafts gradually disappear and/or I recognize them as they fly past my eyes on the screen and know that they can be corrected at a later date which frees me to just keep humming along moving story from mind to paper.

Sometimes the best decision is to just leave that mental eraser alone, let go, and give inspiration the freedom to run with an idea.

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