Friday, March 29, 2013

Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday is hosted today by A Year Of Reading.

For Poetry Friday -- "Keepers: treasure-hunt poems" written by John Frank with  photographs by Ken Robbins.

Empty a child's pockets and what will you find? Treasures! 

Frank celebrates the mystery and wonder of found objects in this collection of poems.  From beaches to woodland paths, flea markets to grandma's attic come a variety of treasures from natural or man-made sources.  Simple the verses clearly convey a sense of the object and give readers a moment to consider its worth.  An object's value is seen as less about monetary worth and more about the beauty, sentiment, or attached memories which is a sensibility that his readers will share.

Robbins' photography is a beautiful expression of the verses while adding a rich layer of elegance to these simple treasures.

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