Friday, March 22, 2013

Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday is hosted today by GottaBook.

For Poetry Friday -- "Animal Snackers" by Betsy Lewin

This updated edition of her 1980 book offers readers new illustrations and reconceived verses as she delves into the eating habits of various creatures.

Four-line poems highlight the snacking preferences of twelve animals ranging from the platypus to ostrich in language that is both humorous and informative: 

The platypus looks odd enough,
with fur and ducklike bill.
He thinks that bugs are yummy stuff,
which makes him odder still.

Each verse faces a full page illustration that brings the animal diner into sharp focus. This light-hearted look at food choices is a pleasure and would be a fun introduction to an animal unit.

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Tabatha said...

Looks great! Ogden Nash-y.

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