Friday, January 27, 2012

Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday Roundup is hosted today by Hey, Jim Hill!

My selection is "A Kick in the head: an everyday guide to poetic forms" selected by Paul B. Janeczko with illustrations by Chris Raschka.

Janeczko has created an anthology of twenty-nine different poetry forms that lead readers from a simple couplet to the complex pantoum (feel free to google this one folks).  Fortunately for his readers, Janeczko does an admirable job of providing straight forward explanations with each poetic form while offering up examples from a broad range of poets.  Ogden Nash couplets share space with a sonnet by Shakespeare and Gary Soto's Ode to Pablo's Tennis Shoes.  The author's guide is further enriched by a thoughtful introduction paired with end notes and additional examples.

2012 Caldicott winning illustrator, Raschka, elevates the fun-quotient with lively illustrations that include a visual clue to each form -- an urn for an ode, a guitar for a ballad and so forth.

Challenge yourself , your students or your family to try one.

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Jim Hill said...

What a great book! I'm trying to expand my own knowledge of poetic forms. Thanks!

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