Friday, January 20, 2012

Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday Roundup is hosted today by Wild Rose Reader.

Today's selection is for all my dog loving friends: "The Hound Dog's Haiku: and other poems for dog lovers" written by Michael J. Rosen  and illustrated by Mary Azarian.

Rosen includes 20 different breeds of dog from the familiar Labrador Retriever to the Bluetick Coonhound -- from the Pug to the Samoyed -- in this enjoyable collection that offers brief glimpses into dog behavior and attitudes -- Border Collie "above your fixed gaze/a Milky Way of cows move --/your constellations." 

Azarian's hand-colored wood block prints provide a handsome portrait that places each dog in a context that mirrors the poetry and provides a rich sense of the breed's traits and purpose.

Rosen concludes the book with "Notes for Dog People and Haiku Lovers" that gives insights into the breeds that are portrayed and the author's thoughts on his writing.


Myra Garces-Bacsal from GatheringBooks said...

I love Michael Rosen! I reviewed his Nonsense Poems and More Nonsense Poems illustrated by Clare Mackie for our Poetry theme last month - and it's just glorious. I should definitely check this book out - haven't heard of it yet. Hopefully we have it in our library.

Amy LV said...

I loved this book too. Rosen is simply spot-on in his dog descriptions. And in so few words too! He nailed our two dogs - one part Border Collie, one part Great Pyrenees. a.

Gina Gort said...

Thanks for posting this.

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