Monday, July 18, 2011

Nonfiction Monday

Nonfiction Monday is hosted today by Chapter Book of the Day.

My selection is "How Baseball Managers Use Math" written by John C. Bertoletti.  Here is an answer to that perennial question in math lessons -- "Why do I have to know this?"  Bertoletti sets mathematics in the context of a baseball manager's job in 13 chapters with titles such as --  The Manager and His Percentages, Intentional Walks, and Keeping a Close Eye on the Pitch Count.  Utilizing graphs, statistics, and charts, Bertoletti challenges students to do the math that is essential to a baseball manager's decision making process. 

Each double page spread describes a real-life scenario then looks at the data and the related math that the manager uses.  In "A Night Game On The Road" Bertoletti explains how a manager studies batting averages to help him decide which team members will play.  The chapter concludes with a section titled "You Do the Math" that challenges readers to answer questions by interpreting a table of batting averages.

Related photographs enhance each chapter and the book concludes with an answer key, glossary, and related reading for additional information.

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