Monday, April 25, 2011

Nonfiction Monday

Barton explores the creation and use of fluorescent colors -- a topic that is so common place, so taken for granted and so remarkable that it deserves this closer look. In 42 pages, Barton shines a light on the two Switzer's lives and work. Joe died in 1973 and it was Bob's obituary in 1997 that sparked Barton's curiosity. Barton found his answers by turning to Bob's seventy-five page hand-written history, conversations with Switzer family and colleagues, a self-published book by a family friend, US Army records, and even the Popular Science article that sparked Joe's first interest in fluorescence. Persiani was equally inspired -- beginning the book in gray-scale that gradually transforms with color until the final pages shine with day-glo brilliance.

To learn more about fluorescent colors and how fluorescence works click HERE.

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