Monday, July 12, 2010

I couldn't resist continuing the outdoor theme that I began last Monday.

Summer is such a perfect time for exploring -- long days, warm nights.

Perfect for enjoying bats...yes, you read that correctly. If you are lucky enough to live in bat territory, take some time to watch these amazing mammals at work. The bats that inhabit my corner of the country are insect eaters who perform aerial ballet as they swoop in and out of the darkness capturing moths drawn to barn lights and street lights. And no, they don't get caught in your hair. They're way too talented to make that sort of mistake!

To read more about these fascinating animals check out some of these titles at your local library or bookstore:
  • The Bat by James V. Bradley is part of the Nature Walk series. Colorful photographs, black and white drawings, maps, and plenty of detail create a book that is an excellent resource. Written at a fifth grade level, 3rd - 6th grade readers will find the book interesting and very accessible.
  • Big Brown Bat , by author and illustrator Rick Chrustowski, will be equally appealing for younger readers, K-3, as it tells the story of a bat pup's first year of life. It is informative and beautifully illustrated in watercolors that capture the bats in action.
Aspiring researchers might also enjoy The Bat Scientists reviewed today at Abby the Librarian.

Here is the answer to Fridays Famous First: "Our land is alive, Esperanza," said Papa, taking her small hand as they walked through the gentle slopes of the vineyard." is from the Pura Belpre Award winner, Esperanza Rising written by Pam Munoz Ryan.

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darlenebeckjacobson said...

Janet, Thanks for info on something out of the ordinary. I write for children as well and look for topics that are under represented. BATS is a great addition to that category. My current story has a slug and another a vulture. Visit sometime and say

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