Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's Writers Wednesday.

I recently critiqued a picture-book manuscript for a fellow writer who has written in other genres, but is new to the picture-book format. After I sent off the manuscript with my comments, I began to consider the revision process that each writer must undertake. This particular manuscript is in it's early stages, but I know the writer is highly motivated and anxious to produce a quality piece of work that will be ready for publishing ASAP.

I sincerely hope that the initial enthusiasm for this project will be balanced with the patience and perseverance that is essential to sustain a writer through the multiple drafts of the revision process. I've known more than one project that's fallen by the wayside because the writer became discouraged by the need to revise and rewrite multiple times.

I've also know writers who never managed to finish their manuscript because they couldn't say "enough" and continued to alter their work long after the changes were helpful or even necessary. It was almost as if the revision process provided a sort of "safety-net" that protected them from ever having to actually submit their work and face the possibility of a rejection letter.

For more on this topic there is a thoughtful article titled "Revisionland" posted January 3rd at The Writer's Chronicle.

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