Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's Writer's Wednesday and I've been thinking about how and when I write.

The fact is, it changes from time to time. I love it when I have an idea that has me humming with possibilities...when I can scarcely wait to get to my computer and my fingers can't keep up with the story that is brimming over with fun.

Most of the time though it's more about the need to be very disciplined. I'll sit at my computer even when I feel uninspired or would rather not. At first it's such a struggle...where will I start? What do I really want to say? Is this idea any good? On those days it seems like I could find a hundred excuses to do something else. I tend to feel disconnected from my work which can be a good time to edit, but not always a good time to create. Until...some small change in my manuscript or notes sets off sparks. Then, if I'm paying attention, I may have an opportunity to explore a new idea or take my story in a new direction.

On the filpside, it seems there are often days when I honestly can't be at my computer do to other commitments. There are also those times when the story that's in my head hasn't taken on enough form to be set down on paper. On those days, although I might not be physically writing, I will turn stories over in my mind trying on different characters, voices, and plots as I look for The One.

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