Monday, August 12, 2019

Nonfiction Monday

Rivers and Streams! With 25 Science Projects for Kids by Rebecca Siegel with illustrations by Tom Casteel provides a reader-friendly opportunity for children, ages 7-10, to dive into the stated subject. 

The introduction explains that there are more than 165 major rivers and goes on to define the properties of a river and contrast rivers with other bodies of water such as oceans and canals to establish a basis for the chapters that follow. In addition, it details how good science practices will facilitate completing the ongoing science projects that appear throughout the book at the conclusion of each chapter.
The well-organized and engaging chapters that follow encourage youthful scientists to explore multiple topics:
How and why rivers and streams are important to the water cycle, habitats, and their value as a resource.
How rivers influence migration, transportation, and farming as well as the value of rivers as a source of energy.
The diversity of animal-life from insects to mammals and the ways in which they have adapted to the specialized environment that exists in flowing water.
Ways in which plants prevent erosion and create unique habitats such as the Everglades.
The relationship between rivers, streams, and climate.
Ways in which humans have changed rivers from ancient times through the present.
Cartoon-style illustrations are augmented here and there with photographs to create visual interest. Text boxes set out challenges labeled INVESTIGATE or CONSIDER AND DISCUSS. WORDS TO KNOW defines important vocabulary. DID YOU KNOW? highlights special facts. Each chapter concludes with a series of hands-on STEM projects to enable students to reinforce learning, enhance understanding, and develop critical thinking skills.
Recommended as a valuable STEM resource for home, school, and library collections.

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