Friday, March 15, 2019

Picture Book Friday

My Bed Is an Air Balloon by Julia Copus with illustrations by Alison Jay is an imaginative bedtime story told in rhyme.

Both words and pictures carry readers through a fanciful world where a cozy bed transforms from hot-air balloon to sailing boat as it carries a pair of young dreamers from one fantastical encounter to another. 

The gentle rhythm and soft-edged images create a dreamy landscape of “velvet-nosed floogs” and “whifflepigs” that can be read from both front and back in this mirrored story that features two front covers. A boy begins the journey floating “above treetops where fluttertufts are sleeping” and drifting over “ponds strung with starlight that glitter like glass.” When he reaches the book’s center high among the clouds, he meets a girl in a colorful double page spread. At the next page turn, her encounters spread across the remaining pages in reverse.

A charming tale for bedtime reading with children 3-6.

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