Monday, January 7, 2019

Nonfiction Monday

Oliver’s Otter Phase by Lisa Connors with illustrations by Karen Jones follows Oliver
as he spends a day trying to live like an Otter.

But what does that mean? Otters arrange their food on their stomach. Otters secure their babies with kelp to keep them from floating away. Otters hold food in an underarm pouch. Otters hold hands when they sleep. Oliver delights in finding out what life as a pretend otter is all about. Try as he might, he also discovers that in the end, he’s more successful being a boy.

As with other books by Arbordale, this story contains a Creative Minds section that includes factual information to provide points of discussion for parents and lesson options for teachers. Marine Mammals defines the characteristics of mammals in general and the specializations of sea otters. Sea Otters and You compares and contrasts otters and humans. Sea Otter Tools provides an opportunity to test knowledge by matching otter skills with the ways in which Oliver uses tools. Sea Otters and River Otters creates a Venn diagram to examine the characteristics and behaviors of these two related species.

Recommended for home and school libraries. Great discussion starter for STEM studies.

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