Monday, September 18, 2017

Nonfiction Monday

Inventions in 30 Seconds by Dr. Mike Goldsmith with illustrations by Chris Anderson offers 30 ingenious ideas for innovative kids explained in half a minute and will keep young readers engrossed as they explore the rich variety of subjects covered in 30 topics. 

Six sections: Making Life Easy, Communication, Travel (from wheel to Spacecraft) , Finding Out (telescope to satellite), Medicine (vaccination to implants), and Industry (transistor to robot) provide readers with clear organization and each begins with a Glossary of words pertinent to the content. Each of the topics covered in the section offers brief, well-written and fact-filled discussions paired with a 3-second summary, and an activity. As an example: Making Life Easy addresses basic innovations such as Weaving, Central Heating, and the Light Bulb. Communication looks at Writing (Egyptian hieroglyphics, Chinese Writing, Ancient Greek, and Mayan), the Printing Press, Telephone, Radio, and Internet. Each subject is paired with eye-catching illustrations.

Recommended as a handy resource for home or school – a thoughtful introduction to many of mankind’s most important inventions.

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