Friday, May 19, 2017

Picture Book Friday

I’m The Happiest by Anna Shuttlewood takes a gentle look at a group of animal friends who find themselves at odds when they begin competing with each other.

There’s no denying the obvious when Giraffe claims to be the tallest, but it doesn’t stop Hedgehog, Pig, Frog, Sheep, Leopard, and a host of others from experiencing a twinge of jealousy. Only Raccoon is happy for Giraffe. 

Soon each one is laying claim to a favorite quality: spikiest, prettiest, greenest, curliest, spottiest, and so on. But Raccoon continues to celebrate the unique qualities of his friends with the happiest of all dances and before long all his friends are setting their competition aside and joining in the celebration.

The bright watercolor illustrations are playful, never crowding the child-friendly text.

An entertaining story to read aloud.

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