Monday, February 13, 2017

Nonfiction Monday

Presidents of the United States, a new release from Time For Kids, offers a one or two page spread on each president complete with a sidebar that provides an illustration and essential facts.  A timeline along the bottom of the pages highlights important events during each president’s time in office. 

In addition the book opens with background information about the nature of the presidency, a helpful overview of the three branches of government and insight into the concept of a multiple political party system.  Following the newly elected 45th president, there are discussions of the basic steps in organizing a campaign, highlights from the 2016 election,  an inside look at the White House, and a brief discussion of several of the familiar First Ladies. 

The compact eighty-page volume captures American political life in a nutshell and gives young readers a basic overview of our leaders past and present and the government in which they operate.

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