Monday, July 11, 2016

Nonfiction Monday

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For Nonfiction Monday: "Animal Atlas" by Animal Planet 

Animal Planet’s Animal Atlas focuses on major biomes for each continent in this world tour of animal ecosystems.  The introduction provides readers with a colorful sample map and photo illustrated definitions of alpine, desert, marine, grasslands, rainforest, temperate forest tundra, and taiga. 

Insect, reptile, bird, and mammal tour guides lead readers through an exploration of each continent beginning with an overview of the biomes and then delve into a colorful cross-section of animal inhabitants in each ecosystem. Special attention is given to ways in which ecosystems are endangered and the ways people are attempting to meet those challenges in a call-out box labeled ROAR. A second colorful box labeled “Surprisingly Human” highlights behaviors such as the gibbon beginning each day with a “song.”  The kid-friendly text offers readers a fun and informative glimpse at animals both familiar and exotic.

Vibrant illustrations and stunning close-up photography make every page “pop.” A glossary and animal index complete the book.

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