Monday, June 27, 2016

Nonfiction Monday

For Nonfiction Monday: "Awesome America" by Katy Steinmetz

            This new release from Time for Kids offers young readers in grades 3-6 a different way of approaching the familiar topic of American history.  The thematic organizational style and heavily illustrated interior provides an interesting perspective on the history, people, and culture - both past and present - of the United States. The expected topics: our government, founding fathers, 13 colonies, the fifty states, the presidents,  American landmarks, civil rights, and immigration are all here. In addition, there are chapters such as "America's Home-Grown Gifts to the World" which asks the question "What are America's greatest innovations?, highlights the origins of American music, and takes an up-close look at American inventions. Information is supplied in brief, engaging snippets designed to convey the essentials while tempting the reader to research topics in greater depth via the section entitled Explore Some More. Full color photographs, detailed illustrations, charts, graphs, and timelines quickly capture a reader's attention and keep pages turning.

          Awesome America would be an excellent resource for exploring a wide range of topics and will spark ideas for reports and essays. Well worth adding to home, classroom, and library bookshelves.


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