Friday, March 25, 2016

Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday is hosted today by My Juicy Little Universe

My selection is "In the Wild" by David Elliott with illustrations by Holly Meade.


Wildlife and poetry -- what an enticing combination for children. Elliott takes readers on a quest across continents and through a variety of habitats to discover some of our favorite animals. Panda,  zebra, polar bear, sloth, and kangaroo are just a few of animals celebrated in this colorful collection.

Short poems offer thoughtful insights into details, invite readers to observe wildlife with a thoughtful eye or simply enjoy how unique each creature is in form and behavior. The simple-appearing verses are reader friendly, but possess an underlying sophistication in their use of vocabulary and imagery  -- the glisten of sunset in a lion's eye or likening an elephant to a cloud: Powerful, yet delicate/as lace.../When peaceful, silent;/when angry loud. 

Meade's bold use of color and line fill the pages with images that draw the reader's attention to the subject of each verse and make the illustrations every bit as commanding as the words.

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