Friday, October 16, 2015

Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday is hosted today by The Poem Farm.

For Poetry Friday: "Brothers & sisters: family poems" by Eloise Greenfield with illustrations by Jan Spivey Gilchrist

Greenfield celebrates family connections in the form of siblings in this collection of 25 poems about brothers and sisters that reaches across generations to include "Grandma And Her Sisters" and Grandpa and Great-Uncle Paul. The verses vary in style from tight rhymes to free verse. Individual works clearly express  emotions such as love, anger, frustration, jealousy,  admiration, and respect with a sense of balance and an emphasis on the positive.

One of my favorites is --


We used to have fun, but now we don't.

He used to like me, but now he won't

say three words in a whole long day.

Moody. Mom says, "It's okay.

He'll grow right past it in a little while."

When I'm a teen, I'll bet that I'll

still love to talk and play and smile

and laugh as much as I always did.

But what do I know? I'm just a kid.


Amy Ludwig VanDerwater said...

Eloise Greenfield knows right how to get to the heart of it. I love today's selection...I have three teens! Thank you so much - Happy Poetry Friday! xo

Sally Murphy said...

I love this. As the mother of teens I could relate so much.

Mary Lee said...

I love they rhythms and voice in E. Greenfield's writing!

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