Friday, May 23, 2014

Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday is hosted today by VioletNesdoly / poems.

For Poetry Friday -- "Fireflies at Midnight" by Marilyn Singer with pictures by Ken Robbins.


Singer treats her young audience to a lively collection of verses that carry the reader from dawn to midnight on a summer's day. Cheerful robins greet the morning, horses laze in the sun, rabbits disappear at dusk, frogs boast in the evening and fireflies share their brilliance at midnight. Singer collects a diverse group of creatures and each poem effectively capture the voice of the varied animals as she does in these opening lines for "Otter."


"It starts with the slide
with the mud
with the ride.
Then the splash
and the dip
and the flip
and the glide."


This is a book that begs to be read aloud for the pleasure of the words, as an invitation to observe the natural world, and as a lovely introduction to a study of animals.


jama said...

Marilyn has published so many books that I've yet to read them all -- thanks for featuring this one today. Love the sample poem you shared. :)

Violet N. said...

If your sample poem is an indication this sounds like a book that's a lot of fun. I'm going to keep it in mind for some little people in my life. Thanks for telling us about it.

Mary Lee said...

What's this?!?! A Marilyn Singer book I don't know? I'll have to fix this asap!!

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