Friday, July 13, 2012

poetry Friday

Poetry Friday is hosted today by Check It Out.

Prelutsky delights in this foray to the dark side where dreadful destruction and mind-numbing horrors await.  Each  cleverly worded verse introduces young readers to bizarre worlds ranging from seething slime to bone splintering cold.  Even the flower-filled forests are malevolent --
"The delicate twigs are deceitful,
and pierce you with torturous spines. 
There is pain in the touch of the branches,
There is fire in the whip of the vines."
The language is sometimes challenging, but Prelutsky trusts his readers to figure it out and rewards the effort with rhymes that are a delight for the ear even as they give you a good case of the shivers.  Pickering's bold colors and images enhance the power of the word pictures with ghoulish precision.  Taken together the book is a creepy good time.

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Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

This is rather new territory for Perlutsky, right? Sounds like a fun book!

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