Monday, March 12, 2012

Nonfiction Monday

Nonfiction Monday is hosted today by Rasco from RIF.

With March 17th less than a week away, my selection is "St. Patrick's Day" by Gail Gibbons.

Gibbons brings her characteristic thoroughness to this book which provides a discussion of who St. Patrick was together with the celebrations and Irish symbols -- shamrocks, Celtic harps, leprechauns, and shillelaghs, etc. -- associated with St. Patrick and Ireland.  The book concludes with the telling of several legends about St. Patrick.  The clear, straight forward text is highlighted with lively illustrations liberally accented in green.


Myra Garces-Bacsal from GatheringBooks said...

Hi Janet, I have been observing a theatre class here in a secondary arts school, and there exceptional mentor/teacher is Irish and since last week he has been mentioning St. Patrick's Day in his class. Truly seems like a huge deal. Will look for this in our library and share with my daughter this Friday.

Books4Learning said...

I have this book on hold for me at the library. I hope I get it before the holiday! :)

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