Friday, August 26, 2011

Poetry Friday

Poetry Roundup is hosted today by Live. Love. Explore! with Irene Latham.

Here we are at the beginning of the school year once again.  To help students and teachers get off to a fun-filled start, my selection is "Counting our way to the 100th day!: 100 poems by Betsy Franco with 100 pictures by Steven Salerno

Short poems and lively illustrations lead readers through the first one hundred days of school.  Each verse incorporates the three digit number that has become a main stay of the beginning calendar in so many classes.Salerno's cheerful illustrations will challenge readers to find all his cleverly incorporated 100s. 

Franco's poetry -- imaginative and varied in style -- touches on an assortment of topics in the school curriculum: science, history, language arts, and an amazing collection of math related topics.  Many of the math-themed verses are actually problems in disguise, but who would mind when the word-play is so much fun. 
Here is a poem-a-day for teachers to use and children to enjoy as they count their way to the 100th day.

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