Friday, March 18, 2011

Poetry Friday

To celebrate Women in History Month, I've selected "Vherses: a celebration of outstanding women" written by J. Patrick Lewis and illustrated by Mark Summers (known for his literary portraits for Barnes and Noble).

Vherses offers a beautiful opportunity to introduce a diverse group of fourteen women both past and present from Emily Dickinson to Jane Goodall. Artists, activists, adventurers, athletes, and scientists, each of whom pushed the boundaries for women in their time, are represented through a variety of poetic styles and individualized portraits. The Venus and Serena Williams poem is written for two voices bringing to mind the back and forth rhythm of a tennis match. The free verse poem for Martha Graham is as unconventional as her choreography. Summers' illustrations are equally unique. Georgia O'Keeffe's portrait is set against an artist's palette while Anne Morrow Lindbergh shines before a cloud-filled sky. Short biographical notes are included.

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