Monday, February 21, 2011

Nonfiction Monday

My selections is "Nubs: the true story of a mutt, a marine and a miracle" written by Major Brian Dennis, Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery. Marine Major Dennis teams up with Larson and Nethery (who co-wrote Two Bobbies) to tell the heart-warming story Nubs, a mongrel dog and his friendship with Major Dennis during his service in Iraq.

The saga began when Major Dennis and his men were sent to a fort on the Iraq border where Nubs was the leader of a pack of wild dogs. Despite the fact that Major Dennis was gone for long periods of time, Nubs was always present to welcome his friend when he returned from assignments. When Major Dennis was reassigned to a post 70 miles away, Nubs followed --trekking through the freezing desert and arriving half-starved and injured. Unable to keep the dog in a war zone, Major Dennis arranges to have the dog shipped to the United States where they are reunited when he returns home.

Photos, maps, and facsimiles of emails and official documents give the book a very realistic feel for the time and place of the events that took place.

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