Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Writer's Wednesday

It's Writer's Wednesday and here is a reminder for all you aspiring writers out there.

Before you submit, it is time to give that manuscript a final check by asking if every scene, every conversation, every word is essential.

This isn't about how much you love the writing. Ask yourself two questions:
  • Does the story need it?
  • Do your readers need it?

If the answer is no, cut it. If the answer is yes...

Then ask yourself two more questions.

  • Does the story/reader need that information at that exact place in the story?
  • Does the story/reader need all that you've written or would less be better?
For more on the subject of editing check out yesterday's post at Writers In Residence: Weight Loss for Writers, or How I Trim Ugly Fat from My Manuscripts by Jackie Houchin.

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