Friday, July 10, 2009

I've been meaning to start this blog for a while...quite a while actually, but there was always an excuse to wait. A manuscript to submit, or revise, or write. A new idea for a book that needed researching or outlining. The next project that I wanted to undertake as Library Media Specialist. Book signings to attend, writing workshops to give, literacy events to support with my time and energy. Finally one of the those little voices in my head shouted, "Enough!"

The light came on...Why do I do all that I do?

My passion for words and the music of language? Maybe it's being Irish -- that ancient Celtic tradition of storytelling when the bards could weave spells with their words. No doubt that's part of it. But not all...

There are the children I will see this coming school year as Library Media Specialist - the eager primary students, the third and fourth grade children - so curious and ready to explore, the fifth and sixth graders looking for a challenge. And always, sadly, the students who regard books with disinterest or worse - dread. And there are the educators, parents, and community members that I work with in our continuing goal of making literacy a fact for everyone.

Ultimately, the why is about sharing the passion, the magic, the eagerness, the curiosity and the challenge.

It's all about the books. Yes. That's why I do what I do. I read for the magic that is a storyteller's art. I write because I have to tell the stories. But the greatest joy for me is in the sharing. And now this blog will let me share with all the readers and writers I've had the good fortune to know and perhaps with a few new folks as well.

Wow! Look at the time. I'll be blurry-eyed tomorrow - no - today, but I did it! You all know that quote about the long journey. This is one more step.

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